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Bio andArt Works of Dan Dunkin

nativity Manger

This backdrop was about 10'x12'

Dan Dunkin has been called a natural born artist by art majors and other artists. Dan never had had any formal training in art, he has worked most of his life in labor and management areas including running his own business.  Art was simply something he originally tried by picking up a rapidograph and paper and began drawing what he saw. Immediate responses from friends and family were that he was an artist, even though Dan denied it on the basis of bias since it was friends and family.

Dan soon picked up an interest in using prismacolor pencils, digital art, Airbrush, and his favorite medium, Pyrography.  Dan began woodburing on gourds and at the coaxing of his friends and family, they journeyed to Ohio for the annual gourd festival there, and Dan received a blue ribbon on every gourd he entered with the exception of one, and his pyrography sat in competition with some very well known and established artists in the gourd world. After having success there, he bagan entering county fairs and not only acquired many blue ribbons, but Grand Champions as well.

Dan also painted a large backdrop for his church's Childrens Christmas Play which people said was so 3D looking, they thought a stable had been built on stage, until they took a closer look.

Dan has also been a member of the American Gourd Society, he and his wife own the Gourd Reserve website, one of the largest and most comprehensive websites on gourds on the internet.

More recently due to a disabling back injury, Dan has turned his attention toward paper and prismacolor. While Dan does have experience in art drawing buildings and scenery, his favorite subject by far is mushrooms, which he considers to be Manna from Heaven, but he currently has plans of drawing the 14er series, a series of drawings of the mountains of Colorado which exceed the 14,000 foot level.


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