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High School Musical

This is an AWESOME musical! Yes I'm a bit old for this one, but I still love it just the same. My youngest daughter and oldest granddaughter are big fans of High School Musical. My granddaughter is such a big fan, that her mom, (my older daughter), went through close to 48 hours of the worst case of nerves and butterflies she has ever experienced.

It all began on Tuesday, 01/16/07, when my daughter and granddaughter where listening to the radio while waiting for the school bus and they were talking about the live performance of High School Musicalwhich was going to be at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis the next night. After the bus came, my daughter continued to listen and learned that the radio station was going to have a contest called "Mom Idol", (American Idols new season began that evening), and the winner recieved two tickets to High School Musical. My daughter got through on the phone lines, auditioned, and was one of 4 moms to go on to the next level.

She had to go to the radio station at 6:45 the next morning, and was there until after 10:00 a.m. The rest of the contest was done live on the "Smiley show", and my daughter was terrified! he did really well for a girl that was trembling through it all. She didn't make first place, but she was third and the station gave the three top moms all tickets to the show. So my granddaughter got to see her first live show. My youngest daughter was jealous that she did not get to go, but she was happy that her niece got to at least. My youngest has the same love for music and the arts as I do, so she was happy to hear that they bought a High School Musical Karaoke CD.

All in all my daughter and granddaughter had a wonderful time and it was worth went my daughter went through to get the tickets. They both had a great time and said the show was great! My daughter called us from the concert on the cell phone during the song "Breaking Free" so my youngest daughter could listen in, and the whole audience was singing along with them, even over the phone it was awesome!!! For tickets to a live performance near you, click here to Buy Concert Tickets.