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I've always had a love for musicals, and the older I got the more that love grew. Sadly I never did more than one musical in high school, so I decided to do one as an adult. In high school I toured with a Repritory group and performed the musical Jesus Christ Super Star. Ironicly, in 2005 I performed in the musical Godspell! That was a great experience I will never forget!

Believe it or not, at 45 I LOVE High School Musical! I have a daughter who is 11, and a granddaughter who is 9, and they both love HSM as well. So it is easy for me to be into it with them.

Another musical I absolutely fell in love with, was Phantom Of The Opera. Opera is the range I sing in best, so it only makes sense I would love opera music, and musicals. Andrew Loyd Webber is awesome!

Sister Act one and two, are also big on my list of musicals. I've not seen Nun Sense yet, but I am eager to see it when I can.

These are only a few of the musicals that are out there. I plan to show a sneak peak at a number of great musicals here, and where to buy tickets for the stage plays in your area if available, as well as books, sheet music, CD's, DVD's, etc. We hope you find this to be a great section for musicals, and things of interest pertaining to those musicals.

  1. Godspell
    Godspell, a real inspiration for me!
  2. High School Musical
    High School Musical
  3. Phantom Of The Opera
    Phantom Of The Opera