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Promoting Your Music

I want to share with you a few programs that Ty Cohen has to offer. Ty has a number of good programs to help you, and they are very affordable too! Below are a few articles written by Ty about his programs. Check them out and see if one can be of help to you.


  • Music Promotional Ideas for the Independent Artist
    Are you one of those people who don’t want to waste all their time searching for a record deal? If you have taken the initiative to be an independent artist, then you have come to the right place.
  • You Have to Promote It
    If you are trying to break into the music industry, then music promotional ideas are definitely what you are looking for as a musician resource. Imagine the possibilities out there. You have the Internet, word of mouth, lives shows and many other opportunities to promote your CD or band. I mean it is 2007, the digital age!
  • The Best Musician’s Resource Out There
    Is there a particular musician resource out there that has worked for you or are you still looking? If you are reading this article, then most likely you are still looking.
  • Music Contracts & Royalties Defined
    Artists often wonder how their royalties are going to be computed when they sign music contracts. This is truly an important question because basically determines how much money is going to end up in their pockets.
  • Recording Contracts Can Be Confusing
    Over the next few minutes, we are going to review three important areas that you might find covered in recording contracts. Recording contracts can be quite overwhelming, especially if you have had no experience with them. You will find that they are lengthy and extremely detailed.
  • Music Contracts 101: Two Key Parts
    In relation to music contracts there are often two areas, the amount of produce and advancements, that artists need explained. These two areas will be mentioned in every music business contract so it is crucial you have a firm grasp on their definitions.
  • Recording Contracts and Your Rights
    Your rights when it relates to recording contracts and the ones you are giving up are important to understand for any newly signed artist. This will be identified as your “Grant of Rights” clause in your new music contract.
  • Top Converting Keywords