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Photo taken by Jeannean O'Connell, (my oldest) during a rehersal for the Shelby County Players production of Godspell. July 2005
This is the "Day By Day", where I sing "Day By Day" to Jesus, (Arthur Spriggs). In the background are, Alicia, and Emily. John and
"Peanut", (Claire), are hidden behind me.

Day by Day solo 

My interest in Godspell started one Sunday evening during a Church Bible study, when our Minister said these three words, "Day By Day" while talking to us all. I remembered the song "Day By Day" immediately. We sang it in Church every Sunday when I was in the Catholic School in Granite City, Illinois. I wrote the song down and decided to look on the net for an accompaniment to sing at the fair on the 4th of July. However I never did look for the accompaniment. About 6 weeks after that first Bible Study at Church, our Minister once again said those same three words, "Day By Day" during Sunday morning service. This time I went home and looked for an accompaniment to "Day By Day". I didn't find an accompaniment, only the origin of the song, which was Godspell.

All this really meant absolutely nothing to me at the time. However the very next day it all started to come together. While I was reading the newspaper, an article jumped out at me. The article stated that our local community theatre would be doing the musical Godspell this summer and that a pre-audition workshop would be held the next day to all those interested. Now I understood! It was all part of "A God Thing"!
To make a long story short. I went to the workshop and then to the auditions the following week. I was very nervous when my turn came and I personally thought I sounded horrible. However the director thought otherwise and called me two days later and told me I made cast! I couldn't believe it!

That was 8 weeks ago, opening night for the Shelby County Players Production of Godspell was last Friday and it was awesome! We performed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (July 22, 23, & 24, 2005), and will perform again this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as well, (July 29, 30, & 31, 2005).

The play has been wonderful from beginning to end. I met so many wonderful people that have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Oh incidentally, the director gave me "Day By Day" for my solo! : )

Pictures of SCP production of Godspell, July 2005