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Dan's Airbrushing


Having found a Pasche Air Brush at a yard sale for $5.00, I decided to give airbrushing a try. Until I did the Yard sign below, (the last image), I had never used an airbrush before, and wasn't sure what the end results would be like.

By the time I finished side one of the sign, I had pretty much figured out how to use the airbrush, at least on wood, then I began to experiment on muslin. For painting on muslin, instead of purchasing the expensive Airbrush paints, I used Delta Ceramcoat, it seemed to be the only hobby acrylic available to me at the time that didn't have bugers that would clog the airbrush. Using a paint bottle I would dilute the paint about 3:1 with water, (water being the 3), and sometimes even more dilute than this. The largest painting you see below has maybe 6-8 ounces of paint to do the entire painting. As you can see, other than the cost of the material, it is a very inexpensive way to express yourself. However, painting on solid surfaces, in some instances airbrush paints work much better. This is not always the case, as the yard sign at the bottom was done using the diluted acrylic method.


I have since then purchased a new Airbrush, a Paasche VLST Pro from Dick Blick Art Materials, and am quite pleased with the equipment and the service.

nativity Manger

Christmas Stable

Air Brushed stable backdrop for the Children's Christmas Play at our Church. This painting is roughly 10 feet tall by 13 feet wide. The painting took approximately three full days to complete.

Mt Fuji

Mount Fuji

The theme for Vacation Bible School at our church for the summer of 2004 was Rickshaw Rally, and Japanese theme, for decorations, we painted Japanese based images, including Mt Fuji. This Painting is roughly 4 feet high by 9 feet long. Believe it or not, it only took about 2 days to complete.

Rickshaw rally

Rickshaw Rally Yardsign

This was the Yard sign for the Rickshaw Rally VBS at our church. The sign is a sandwich sign, 4 ft X 4 ft, and is painted identical on both sides.