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Gourd Art

Paint & Prismacolor Pencil

The majority of our art is done on Trinket boxes made from Hyakunari Gourds, However we do occasionally do other things with gourds, as you can see below.


Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree full of gourd ornaments by both Dan and Carmella.



Fairy Romance

Moon Glow Fairy Vase. An experimentation that left a neat affect. The vase appears dark, but once a little light is put on it, the detail of the image brightens up and stands out. Under the image on this page is the story behind the vase.



Hook 'N Ladder

I began last year in experimenting with patterns, not wanting to be a celtic copy or to imitate others, but an attempt to try developing my own unique, interlocking or appealing patterns. This was one of my first patterns.



Crown 'O Thorns

a slight modification on the Hook 'N Ladder, this was one of my most popular gourds in our shop when we had it open. Almost everyone who walked in pointed it out, and a friend asked me about doing this pattern on his Harley fenders. He changed his mind when he decided to sell his Harley.



Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels, just another experiment with interlocking and repeating flame belt around the center. Prismacolor and acrylics.



Morning Glory

Morning Glory - This is one of my earliest gourds, I don't know why I have it in this category, it is wood burned and stained.



Open Rose

This was probably about the fourth gourd I ever did, again this one is wood burned and stained, so why is it here? Anyone have a clue? LOL



Sun & Moon

Sun & Moon - This one belongs here, the sun is done in Prismacolor, there is a moon on the backside, but I didn't like it, so I didn't show it, so there!

Moonglow Mushroom

Moon glow Mushroom Trinket Box - some more experimentation on the moon glow effect.